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Never Be Forgotten: The Life Of Anton Rosenberg

For those who have known the story of this inspiring artist, he was simply a charming jazz musician and painter back in his youth but for his friends and family, Anton Rosenberg was more than just his achievements in the entertainment industry. His wife Joan would describe him as the most loving husband every woman could ever wish for and there is not a single day that she wasn’t thankful for having Anton in his life. Anton may be an inspiration to many but he was also more than his sons Shaun, Jeremy and Matthew could ever ask for as a father and he was also a good father-in-law to their wives Anne, Claudia and Kerry. Anton is also best known for his wacky inventions that kept him busy in his workshop for most of his time and the beautiful music he creates as well as his stunning pieces of artwork.

Anton’s talent was beyond compare for his inspiring artworks that he calls his masterpieces are among the most beautiful pieces he has left. For his music, he is not that kind of musician who brags but his favorite pastime during his younger year is playing jazz music and accompanying famous jazz luminaries such as Gregory Corso, Zoot Sims and even the famous Mason Hoffenberg. Anton is good with the keyboard and he even works as a pianist in his spare time in famous bars and pubs back in the day. However, Anton is none like the typical musicians in his time who chases fame so he lived a humble life playing music as often as he could and just enjoying life while staying true to his passion for art.

For one year, the charming and young Anton who was also named as “The Angel of The Subterraneans” served the army. But it was not long after that he established his own print shop in Christopher Street and extended his art and music to the old San Remo at Bleecker and Macdougal Streets. Together with his artistic works and dazzling masterpieces, Anton also finds a way to insert his music to with his career that he plays alongside the most famous jazz bands in his time. From his early years to his late years, Anton surely lived a colorful life as he stayed true to his passion for art and music which makes him an inspiration for many. Even though Anton is a son of a rich industrialist in the 50s, that didn’t stop him from staying true to who he really was deep inside as he really follows her hard and his passion for music and art. Now that he is gone, he will never be completely forgotten for his inspiration and loving memory will live in the hearts of the people whose lives he had touched.

News For This Month: Services

News For This Month: Services