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Points To Note on Paul Marciano

One of the most famous designer in America is Paul Marciano who is the co-founder of guess which is a popular retailer store. He was born in a Jewish family that lived in Morocco do him, and he has four siblings were raised in France. At the age of 15 years, Marciano together with his friends collided with an oncoming vehicle while they were in a motorcycle. The accident was really serious and its lead to him being in a wheelchair for seven months as he could not walk at all. After couple of treatment and physiotherapy which took one year and half he regained his limbs, and he could walk again. It was quite unfortunate because he was unable to finish his education because the school could not we had meeting as they felt that he was absent for too long which led to him to move to France. while in France he had to work in his family clothing company which was well established and it also had a couple of stores running. Due to the political uncertainty in France, the family closed their small company, and they all moved to United States.

In the year 1981 together with his brother they moved to Los Angeles and later on started a clothing company that grew into a multimillion company. The inspiration of what they focused on in their clothing style was a mixture of the American and the European style, and this led to the creation of their denim brand. The popularity of the company has grown in the many years it has been running because of the nice items that they are selling and that is why it is now worth millions of dollars. After a while, Marciano and his brother started having an interest in art, and they visited a couple of galleries and auctions in both Paris and New York, and this led them to interacting with artists and spending time with them in their studios so that they can be able to learn more about art. The art industry started growing and expanding after couple of years, and that is when the two brothers decided to establish their own heart foundation. Later on him and his brother bought the Scottish rite masonic temple with the vision of transforming it into a contemporary art foundation. Paul is also a philanthropist and he supports different charities which are close to his heat, and they inspire him a lot which is a good thing because he has been able to help so many different people by doing so and by supporting their different initiatives in making the world a better place .

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