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How to Pick a Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage facilities can come highly useful when you’re moving or you simply want to organize your stuff. But with plenty of options, how do you pick a self-storage facility that is the best match to your needs?

Decide what stuff to store.

You must figure out the amount of space you need before you can search for a facility which rents out that type of unit you want. Do you plan to store paperwork, antiques or maybe a sedan? Obviously, the type of storage you need will depend on the stuff you want to store; for paintings or other artwork, for example, you’ll surely need climate controls, but outdoor works fine for your pickup truck.

Review your insurance requirements.

Check your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s policy to know if it will protect the things you’ll be storing. Your insurer may stipulate the type of storage you need to use so you can be covered by your policy. As an option, you can look for a facility that will itself cover your stored items.

Find out the features of the facility.

Find a facility that is open anytime when you need to access your stuff; some have gated, 24/7 access while others will only be accessible on regular business hours. Also, check the security of the facility; it must be fenced and with working security cameras.

Choose a reasonably located facility.

Pick a facility which is located reasonably near your house or at least your workplace. Convenience makes a significant difference in most cases, even if you have to pay a little more for it. Besides, this is also an issue of time and gas.

Know the policies of the facility.

Each facility is run with its own set of rules. Some are just rented out for a particular period while others offer regular monthly rentals. Most facilities come with guidelines as to the types of items you are allowed to store in their units, so you have to know all of these. And if you decide to go with a certain facility in spite of all such rules, be sure to follow them.

Read reviews online.

Check online for user reviews before making your final decision. Focus on what they’re saying about security and customer service.

Call the storage facility.

Lastly, although you probably won’t be interacting much with the manager, if they are not friendly and accommodating with you on the phone, take your business elsewhere. These people should know the importance of customer service and happily address your questions.

Whichever storage facility you use, it has to suit your needs perfectly while keeping you within your budget.

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