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A lot of people go with whatever is trending in terms of their skin wherein in the past pale was in while today, tan is in. The appearance of a person was already an obsession for people who belong to ancient civilizations. From the Japanese Geishas to the ancient Egyptians, you will see just how their skin tone preferences change all for the quest of beauty. The aristocrats once made sure that their skin looked very pale so that they will not have the same dark skin as the commoners doing the menial work under the sun. A new trend was born in 1923 where pale was out and brown was in after the sailing vacation of Coco Chanel. Come the harsh winter months, the privileged few then made sure to go on a tropical vacation in order for them to claim what position they have in the society. As the bikini trend started in the 1950s, tan then became a style of choice where people came flocking the beaches to get a tan. This is the ultimate beginning of the tanning trend. But then, this can be very disappointing for some when their tan fades as winter months are fast approaching. That is why the first attempt at sunless tanning has been made possible during the 1960s with tanning lotion. And yet, people were disappointed with the overall orange effect. In the 1970s, fans of the tan trend became very happy with the invention of the tanning bed.

But then, in recent years, it has been found the sun and tanning booths have harmful rays endangering the lives of each and one. Skin cancer has become prevalent among people who spend most of their time under the sun. This has led a lot of people to go back to sunless tanning methods, more specifically tanning sprays. The latest in sunless tanning is CBD spray treatment where you can get more info here!

One of the key ingredients in tanning sprays is DHA or dihydroxyacetone. Research studies have been made to prove the safety of this tanning spray product giving you the best tanning results. It can turn your skin brown because of its reaction with your upper skin layers. Getting this tan can give you up to a maximum of ten days where afterward they fade as your skin cells will replace themselves.

There are different sunless tanning products that you can choose from these days. You have sunless tanning lotions, gels, and sprays. Though each of these products offers you unique benefits from the others, all of them have one thing in common and that is their DHA content. There are even new sunless tanning products that have CBD content in them in the form of CBD additive drops. CBD and spray tans are a perfect combination to achieving the tan of your dreams while benefiting from the effects of CBD.

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